A Letter Like Old Times

~Shared by Adam Morris~


I miss you, but even though the memories of you can make make me sad I love to think about the great times we had, like when you taught me to ride a bike and tricked me into riding to the next and the next and the next lamp post until I did my first lap around the concrete loop, or when you yelled at my dad for not getting me a hover board. I wish I could talk to you about how Tamara’s hair looks nice, or what my favorite photo of your’s was. I wish I could hug you one last time, before I say goodbye.

Stay strong


(This one is my favorite)

Hooper_1082, 4/2/13, 1:46 PM, 16G, 7608x9044 (378+646), 100%, Custom, 1/50 s, R50.4, G30.7, B52.9

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