This is a place to share your stories with Chip. The connection you had with him. Experiences you shared with him. The lessons he taught you. The quotes you remember. Chip would often say that he was at peace leaving too soon as long as he taught those he left behind to live every day to the fullest and to be grateful for every day.

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Memories that make me smile.

~Shared by Jon Topper~

I will never forget being on the phone with Chip while he was riding in the car with Max.  Chip made me by a bunch of Xmas wrapping paper that Max was selling  for either school or a team.  After about a 5 minute debate I had with Chip on why as a Jew I do not need so much Xmas wrapping paper I pulled out my credit card and  supported.  I was going to do it no matter what but to hear Hooper convincing me was worth  the fun.  3 moves later I still have a few rolls of the wrapping paper.

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~Shared by Darnell Alonzo Givens~

I had the pleasure of spending time with Chip and Max during my travel basketball coaching days with Pump ‘N Run. He was one of the most generous human beings I ever met. He was a stand up guy that was fun to be around. Rest in Peace.

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In My Thoughts…

~ Shared by Leslie Owens~


Miss you so much and love you!!  A couple things I think and smile about at this time of year………..your calls to me on Xmas Eve over the years as you would be out doing your last minute shopping and buying items in “3’s” like Apple computers, iMacs, iPhones, i-anything, I guess whatever the latest tech thing was.  And your calls to me on New Year’s Eve from exciting places like Times Square, backstage at concerts and fancy hotels.  I will imagine those calls this year and just smile………………..

Hugs to you,


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A Letter Like Old Times

~Shared by Adam Morris~


I miss you, but even though the memories of you can make make me sad I love to think about the great times we had, like when you taught me to ride a bike and tricked me into riding to the next and the next and the next lamp post until I did my first lap around the concrete loop, or when you yelled at my dad for not getting me a hover board. I wish I could talk to you about how Tamara’s hair looks nice, or what my favorite photo of your’s was. I wish I could hug you one last time, before I say goodbye.

Stay strong


(This one is my favorite)

Hooper_1082, 4/2/13, 1:46 PM, 16G, 7608x9044 (378+646), 100%, Custom, 1/50 s, R50.4, G30.7, B52.9

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Drive Slow

~Shared by Khalid McCaskill~

Chip Hooper was a funny man.

It’s late October and I am at CHOMP with Max and Chip. Chip had suffered a stroke just the week before but was seemingly getting better by the hour. After spending 14 hours in the room sharing stories, eating Lil Swiss and Chinese food, its time for me to go home. I had been staying at the house in Carmel and driving Chip’s car to and from the hospital.

As I am looking around for the keys, Chip says “Khalid, I need you do to me a favor.”

“Yea, Chip. What’s going on?” I respond.

“When you get back to the house, I need you to take the weed that is in my trunk and put it in the garage.”

“Oh for sure Chip. Will do.”

“Thanks. It shouldn’t be much. Probably around 4 pounds.”

“Yea, yea no doubt. I will take care of that.”

Of course, I try to play it cool but deep down my heart is racing. The thoughts running through my head include, “what if I get pulled over?”; “will they believe that it doesn’t belong to me?”; “I’m going to prison”; “I won’t do well

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Chip and I

~Shared by Michael Lewis~

Always thinking of ya buddy!!!…esp. when I’m buying wine and i can hear your voice telling me I’m buying crap!!


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His Voice

~Shared by Isabel Morris~

You never think about how important someones voice is until you stop hearing it. We all knew Chip’s voice was magnificent, but I never thought I’d spend hours just looking for an Interview to hear that voice again. We all know the voice. It’s loud and booming, but also caring and welcoming. Today has been particularly rough for me. I’ve been thinking about Chip, a lot. I miss him, a lot. I asked my dad to send me one of the voicemails Chip left him. I opened it, worried that it wouldn’t be the same voice I remember, but of course it was. It was Chip. If only I could hear him say, “Listen to you” one more time.

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CEO – LuxJet Group

~ Shared by Randy J. Africano ~

I met Chip when he was 19 and I was 26. I was living in Peoria, IL when I got a knock on my apartment door. My downstairs neighbor said his son was part of a band out of Chicago, Pegr,  and that his band was playing in Peoria for a couple of nights, could not afford a motel and could their manager and two of the guys stay at my place. I was leaving for the weekend with my girlfriend and you can only imagine the thoughts running through my head… my place was going to be trashed when I returned home. So I decided to wait and meet the band and their “manager,” Chip Hooper… and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Before me was a force of nature, a 19 year old kid that had just quit college because he loved the music business and he was going to be a part of it… period. He knew what he wanted and was laser focused on his goal but this steely determination was uncharacteristically packaged in a kind and gentle soul, albeit exuberant.

When we returned

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The Connection of Friendship

~Shared by Rick Ferguson~

I met Chip Hooper in August 1980 on the fourth floor of the Freudenberger dormitory on the campus of Southwest Missouri State University. I was from small town Missouri, Chip, Chicago. I listen to Neil Young, Chip; Judas Priest. I drank health smoothies (before their time), Chip ate Honey Buns. I was laid back, Chip was intense. We had much to learn from each other. Those that can teach you the most can come in challenging packages. I learned so much from Chip. Passionate, fearless, driven, and, yes, sometimes overbearing and pushy. I tried to throw him out of my dorm room more than once, but Chip Hooper was simply indomitable.

Chip ran a leaf raking business over the pay phone in our dorm hallway. In short order, several of us were raking and Chip, of course, was negotiating on our behalf. A sign of things to come.

We stayed in touch through the now infamous Chip Hooper phone calls. He made sure I had a “proper” bachelor party. Me, Chip, Steve, and a case of cheap beer in my empty first apartment. These were days long before fine wine and the big time. We attended

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Friend & Artist

~Shared by Michael Foley~

Photography brought Chip and I together in 2000 as he became an artist at Edward Carter Gallery in New York where I was the director.

I didn’t know much about his involvement in the music world, so that never got in the way of really connecting with him as one artist spirit to another. I sold a lot of his photographs in the short time that I was there.  But this was just the beginning of our wild ride of friendship over the next 16 years.  He was a devoted friend and my biggest advocate.  Missing him isn’t even close to how I feel now.

But with all this sadness, I want to remember one of many highlights of my life with him.  As you know, Chip was incredibly competitive, always wanting to be the best.  Jim Glancy and I cooked up this imaginary photographer named “Jemma Chansel” and even put out a press release stating that he was the best ocean photographer in the world!  That really got to him (in a wonderfully teasing way).  Chip’s debut exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York was weeks away and I thought Jemma Chansel should

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