His Voice

~Shared by Isabel Morris~

You never think about how important someones voice is until you stop hearing it. We all knew Chip’s voice was magnificent, but I never thought I’d spend hours just looking for an Interview to hear that voice again. We all know the voice. It’s loud and booming, but also caring and welcoming. Today has been particularly rough for me. I’ve been thinking about Chip, a lot. I miss him, a lot. I asked my dad to send me one of the voicemails Chip left him. I opened it, worried that it wouldn’t be the same voice I remember, but of course it was. It was Chip. If only I could hear him say, “Listen to you” one more time.

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  1. Imelda says:

    I have so many words but yet feel mute…..Chip the time I had the privalage of knowing you as a collegue boss and mentor you were to many leaves me speechless…you had such a presence that inspired many….your legacy lives vividly in my heart

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